Summerfield Farm & Zoo

About Us


Summerfield Zoo's main objective is to provide a fun and educational experience for the whole family!  

 We have exotic animals ranging from A to Z!   We are home to mountain lions, zebra, lemurs, alligators, giant tortoises, wolves, reindeer, monkeys and much more!    We pride ourselves on providing a great experience to our visitors.   We also have bred and raised Arabian horses for over 40 years.   Please check out our National winning horses at   Summerfield Farm .

As the only zoo in the Northern Illinois area we look to the community for support and volunteers as we continue to grow and expand while providing the community with a unique zoo experience.   Many of our resident animals are rescue animals from the Northern Illinois area.

Your visits, donations, gift shop purchases, & snack shop purchases help to build and maintain exhibits and to the feed the animals, many of which are rescues.  Thank you for your continued support! 

Keep Up with Us

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