Friends of Summerfield Zoo


Friends of the Zoo

 Friends of Summerfield Zoo (FOSZ) is the dedicated partner of Summerfield Zoo and a 501c3 nonprofit organization comprised of a nonpaid board of directors.  Friends of Summerfield Zoo is committed to securing sufficient funding in order to ensure the quality of life of Summerfield Zoo's animals through education and conservation and to create, promote, and maintain awareness of the zoo for all in the Northern Illinois region.
FOSZ is also committed to partnering with Summerfield Zoo to provide a safe haven for the animals rescued by Summerfield Zoo and to educate the public about the growing population of abandoned and unwanted exotic animals.
FOSZ is dedicated to improving the quality of the zoo experience for the people of the Northern Illinois region by improving and adding to the zoo collection, habitats and staff through financial, education, promotional, and conservation support. 

Donations are tax deductible.